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Happy Saint Patrick’s Day!

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Green. Green rivers. Green beer. Green shamrocks. Green midgets.

Irish. Irish pubs. Irish drinking songs. Irish poems. Irish soda bread. Irish dancers. Irish Ale. Irish parades. Irish stew. Luck of the Irish.

Party on. Pot of gold. Road races. Jigs. Kilts. Corned beef and cabbage. Stout.

These things come to mind when we think of St. Patrick’s Day – an Irish holiday where we all are Irish for a day. St. Patrick’s Day started in Ireland to celebrate the Irish Saint – Saint Patrick. Saint Patrick is honored for being the first to bring Christianity to Ireland in the fifth century.

Americans have embraced this celebration and throw one of the biggest parties of the year. It was the original Irish immigrants in Savannah, Georgia who really got the party started while the new wave of Irish immigrants (due to the potato famine) brought new life to the New York City parade (first one was in 1762) in the mid-1800s in an attempt to gain political clout. Today over 100 cities have parades (and parties) to whoop it up on St. Patty’s Day.

Old First Ward Shamrock Run, south Buffalo, March 12, 2016 photo cred to the Buffalo News

Old First Ward Shamrock Run, south Buffalo, March 12, 2016 photo cred to the Buffalo News

You can find many stories online that list the cities with the best shindigs. The author tends to agree with many, as a willing participant over the years. Favorites include, Savannah, Georgia with over 300,000 people, vendors, musicians and performers flooding the streets of this historic city, it rivals Mardi Gras. Sunny skies, live oak trees adorned with Spanish moss, warm fresh air and Spring Breakers definitely are benefits of this month-long street party. Good times. Columbia, South Carolina also puts on quite a bash with college kids rocking to live music in the streets. Both cities do not have open container laws so carrying your Red Solo cup with green beer is welcomed.

The St. Patrick’s Day parade in Allentown along with the south Buffalo Shamrock Run road race will not disappoint. Buffalo is ranked as one of the top places to spend St. Patrick’s Day. If you want to see some crazy Irish jigging to the snarl of bagpipes, the young ladies in full Irish garb and tight bouncy curls are enchanting – and there are 100s of them, aged 2 – 25 everywhere you go! Like Niagara Falls, drinks, songs and stories will gush while socializing on the streets with your friends in Allentown or the tent after your run – and with Global warming you may not need your beanie like the old days. You can still make it to the parade this year – it’s Sunday, March 20.

Finally, props to Chicago for dying the river green. Sick. We hear Erie, Boston and New York know how to celebrate on this day as well…

A Chicagoan Facebook friend of ours grabbed this shot over the weekend - legit.

A Chicagoan Facebook friend of ours grabbed this shot over the weekend – legit.

We brewers also welcome this day as many Americans associate Irish beers (or any beer, really) with St. Patrick’s day. It is a day to try a stout, ale or, again, any beer as long it is green.

7 Sins has three brews on tap – one is Greed, our American brown ale that is perfect for St. Patrick’s day and will have you craving more. It keeps a low hop profile with a slightly sweet, roasted brown, mild caramel taste – with a hint of a chocolate in the finish. Just one more pint, now!

Come to Sensory Winery and Art Gallery to check out our brews and take home a Growler too. Sensory Winery is on Route 20, about a mile from the Pennsylvania border in Ripley, Ny.


“Greed” Our American Brown Ale



May the road rise to meet you,

May the wind be always at your back,

May the sun shine warm upon your face,

The rains fall soft upon your fields and,

Until we meet again,

May God hold you in the palm of His hand

7 Sins Brewery co-presents Open Mic with Sensory Winery and Art Gallery

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The Open Mic gave beer drinkers a chance to tempt their tastebuds on 7 Sins beer. Check out the video.

It was a first-time event, from 7 – 10 p.m., Thursday, February 25. Jim Cuneo of Ripley was the emcee. While beer and wine poured, a half dozen musicians showed up with their best guitar, harmonica, drumming and vocal skills.

Adam kicked off the night singing and playing original music on guitar and harmonica.

Local favorite, Joe Nolan of the Mulligan’s went solo. Joe played acoustic guitar and led Irish drinking songs – I don’t know about you, but I cannot think of anything better than having a pint and a sing-along on a Thursday night.

Steve Spears, owner of Dunkirk Homebrew, sang a few tunes accompanied by his friend Matt on a homemade, one-man drum – pretty dope.

James Paolello, jammed on his guitar, absorbing the crowd. He later teamed up with Jim Cuneo, on harmonica and keyboard.

One guest summed it up – “the first Open mic night at Sensory Winery was awesome from the acoustic guitar guy (Adam) with the cool boots to the home-made one-man drum set-up (Matt)…it was all good. and can u do Led Zep at open mic? oh hell we did (James Paolello jammed). hope to see you next time.”

If you haven’t been to Sensory, you are missing out. It is becoming a space for hanging in RL (real life) with many shows on the docket. Next up is another Open Mic, not to mention the current art show by Casey Brink.

The open mic is Thursday, March 10 from 7-10. All acts are welcome – musicians, comedians, poets, free-thinkers — pick your poison. Performers get a free pint (or glass of wine).

Speaking of pint, Greed, an American Brown Ale; Wrath, an IPA; and, Lust Cherry Wheat are all on tap. And we now have growlers, so you will never run out of good beer – peace out, rabbit.