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Live Music and a Stout to die for

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7 Sins Brewery has co-hosted Open Mic for a good part of the year with Sensory Winery & Art Gallery. And it only gets better.

Now the audience gets to hear some really cool jams from renowned local bands.

This month Mark and Dinah of the Acoustic Gypsies will perform. The Acoustic Gypsies are from Erie and known for their acoustic rock covers – they play Allman Brothers, Van Morrison, Skynyrd, CCR and stuff like that. Sweet.

You can always show off your own skilz and score a free beer too, if you dare. The December event is coming up this week – Thursday, December 15, 2016 at 7:00 p.m.

Speaking of beer, the Gluttony Stout is like chillin’ by a warm fire after braving the winter weather, warms you up and tastes so good, with a perfect finish. Come try it. Pints are only $4. Additionally, Envy Amber Ale, Greed Brown Ale, Wrath IPA,  and Blood Orange Ale are on tap.

And – throughout December, when you buy a 64 oz. growler, you get to hang with the Sensory and 7 Sins crowd and drink a pint, on the house.

Sensory wine will also be served at $4 a glass. And free munchies for all as well.


Top 10 Reasons to Join us for Open Mic

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The Open Mic we co-host with Sensory Winery & Art Gallery is still going strong!

We revised our reasons you should join us. We included past highlights and added new ones. 

10. The beer will be just a little sinful. And sure to quench your thirst.

9. Performers get a pour or pint, on the house.

7 Sins Beer being tapped

Brewmaster, Bear, serving beer at Open Mic.

8. There will be free grub. Quincy Cellars caters snacks for everyone.

7. You will be entertained by live local talent. Our emcee Jim Cuneo keeps the guest line-up in order that is music to the ears.

6. You may participate in the night even if you don’t perform. Vote for your favorite piece of art in the People’s Choice award at Sensory’s Opening Invitational exhibit now showing.

5. Simply enjoy the current show.

4. New wines are available. You may indulge in Sensory Winery’s Semi-sweet Concord or Rose Catawba.


3. You will hear some awesome jams.

2. You will hear some awesome jams. 

1.You will hear some awesome jams.

See you Thursday at 7.

Local talent showcased at Open Mic nights

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Local talent is showcased at Open Mic nights co-hosted by 7 Sins Brewery and Sensory Winery & Art Gallery. Here is a snippet of what you could hear monthly, every third Thursday, at Sensory from musicians, Chris and Joylene and Linda Lewis. In addition to listening to the music, observe interviews with the artists introducing themselves and talking about why Sensory’s space is so unique and inviting.


If you are interested in performing, please contact Sensory’s manager, Fergie. Performers get a drink on the house, a welcoming crowd along with a professional and inspiring host, Jim Cuneo. Check out previous blogs on Open Mic.

And remember while attending the event, it is ok to be a little sinful and indulge in the beers on tap. Right now we are featuring 5 of the 7 sins, including Envy – an Amber Ale of which some say is the best craft amber around! Also on tap are Gluttony – a roasted, smoky American Stout with a hint of rye; and Greed – an American Brown that has a low hop profile, with a slightly sweet roasted caramel flavor throughout and a hint of chocolate in the finish. Lust is a typical (and delicious) wheat infused with a mild sweet cherry while Wrath, is an IPA created with a smooth malty backbone and a crisp orange hop flavor, placing it in a league of its own.

Sinful indeed.

7 Sins Brewery co-presents Open Mic with Sensory Winery and Art Gallery

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The Open Mic gave beer drinkers a chance to tempt their tastebuds on 7 Sins beer. Check out the video.

It was a first-time event, from 7 – 10 p.m., Thursday, February 25. Jim Cuneo of Ripley was the emcee. While beer and wine poured, a half dozen musicians showed up with their best guitar, harmonica, drumming and vocal skills.

Adam kicked off the night singing and playing original music on guitar and harmonica.

Local favorite, Joe Nolan of the Mulligan’s went solo. Joe played acoustic guitar and led Irish drinking songs – I don’t know about you, but I cannot think of anything better than having a pint and a sing-along on a Thursday night.

Steve Spears, owner of Dunkirk Homebrew, sang a few tunes accompanied by his friend Matt on a homemade, one-man drum – pretty dope.

James Paolello, jammed on his guitar, absorbing the crowd. He later teamed up with Jim Cuneo, on harmonica and keyboard.

One guest summed it up – “the first Open mic night at Sensory Winery was awesome from the acoustic guitar guy (Adam) with the cool boots to the home-made one-man drum set-up (Matt)…it was all good. and can u do Led Zep at open mic? oh hell we did (James Paolello jammed). hope to see you next time.”

If you haven’t been to Sensory, you are missing out. It is becoming a space for hanging in RL (real life) with many shows on the docket. Next up is another Open Mic, not to mention the current art show by Casey Brink.

The open mic is Thursday, March 10 from 7-10. All acts are welcome – musicians, comedians, poets, free-thinkers — pick your poison. Performers get a free pint (or glass of wine).

Speaking of pint, Greed, an American Brown Ale; Wrath, an IPA; and, Lust Cherry Wheat are all on tap. And we now have growlers, so you will never run out of good beer – peace out, rabbit.