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What they wish they could drink. It sounds cruel but it is certain to hit the spot upon sunset. Some say Envy is the best craft amber around.

I thought you might like to get a better feel for our most popular beer, Envy, an Amber Ale – so, here goes…

First, why did we name our Amber beer, Envy? Amber may refer to a bay – a woman who is smokin’ hot, with amber highlights in her eyes and hair – one who everyone envies.  Well, that is what we thought of when making this amber style craft beer of ours and it is our hope that you too envy this brew.

The amber may not be as popular as the IPA is in some craft beer circles, yet it certainly has its place. 7 Sins Brewery customers have found it to be their favorite 7 Sins Brewery craft.

It is an ale, not a lager, and typically uses a crystal malt to get the rich copper/light brown color.

7 Sins believes Envy is our most popular because it is  so “drinkable” while at the same time tasty and indulgent. It hits you at first with its medium/low bitterness (35 – 37 IBU) and is very smooth with a light body. Envy also has a light nose and hint of honey flavor to it. The color is a pleasing amber color – at 12-13 on the SRM scale.

beer drinker drinking Envy

Envy, down the hatch!

For you hop heads, here are the deets:

Yeast: Ale Yeast

Grain: 2Row barley, Carapils, Crystal 40 and Victory

Hops: Amarillo & Mount Hood

IBU: 35 – 37 (medium/low)

SRM: 12 -13 (copper)

ABV: 5.4

Nose: Light

Flavor: Hint of honey

Body: Light

Effervescence: Average/slightly below average

Enjoy! And remember it is ok to be a little sinful….


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