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7 Sins Beer hallows National Beer Day. A day to savor Lust. A day to chug Greed. A day to imbibe in Wrath. These wickedly crafted brews are on tap at Sensory Winery in Ripley. Each style of beer was incomparably crafted by Bear, head beer demon.

Wrath is featured today. Wrath is an IPA, but do not be fooled, it’s not your typical MMO fighter pale ale. True to an IPA, brewed with strong hops, a bit bitter and with significant alcohol content, Wrath was also created with a smooth malty backbone and a crisp orange hop flavor, placing it in a league of its own. Swill this brew with your favorite cigar and experience a 7 Sins anticipated prize-winner.


Americans celebrate April 7, 2016 as National Beer Day. On this day eighty-three years ago President Franklin Roosevelt ended Prohibition signing a law that allowed Americans to brew and sell beer. Beer drinkers were jubilant as they could now purchase a cold one for the first time in thirteen years.

Beer is the rage – it is the most popular alcoholic libation and the third most common beverage of choice across the world, second to water and tea.

Raise a sinful glass with us… to FDR! (Do remember to drink responsibly.)

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